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” “What would you think of requiring new commenters to answer a knowledge question before being allowed to register?

” “How often do you agree with the object-level points SSC makes?

” “Which do you think is more important when trying to learn a new skill: hard work or talent?

” “Whether or not you believe it, what is the religious background of your family? ” “How long have you been reading Slate Star Codex? ” “Where do you fall on a classic political spectrum? ” “Which of these political philosophies do you most identify with? ” “Do you find an ideological bias among SSC commenters? ” “What is your opinion on the level of comment moderation?

” “If you believe in a religion, which religion is it? ” “What is your opinion of the rationalist commmunity? ” “What is your opinion of the SSC comment section?

Back in January I asked you to take the SSC survey. If you want to see the actual questions (some of which are long) you can read them on the survey here. ” “How do you interpret the sentence ‘I have read this book and much like it’?

NFF har designet seg ny logo, og vil kline den på landslagsdraktene, istedet for det norske flagget.De sier at nesten ingen land har flagg på fotballdraktene.

When these people are also taken out, the mean of the remaining 2,700 people goes back to $98,000, and the median to $75,000. 13 people gave more than $100,000 to charity per year. I use in place of the normal less-than and greater-than signs because I can’t be bothered to figure out how to not make them confuse the HTML.På engelsk, så blir Midgardsormen, blant annet kallt ‘the World Serpent’: Midgardsormen, husker jeg, var også med i filmen ‘Erik the Viking’, som jeg så på Eldorado, var det vel, like etter at jeg flyttet til Oslo, i 1989. Selv om de kaller den, ‘Dragon of the North Sea’, her da, på engelsk Wikipedia, så det var litt rart, men den må vel ha vært inspirert av midgardsormen i hvertfall: Her ser vi altså at britene lager filmer som heter ‘Erik the Viking’, osv., og alikevel, så tror, eller ‘tror’, Merseyside-politiet, at Erik er et jentenavn, (de skriver _Miss_ Erik Ribsskog): Publisert i Britene lager filmer med navn som 'Erik the Viking' men Merseyside-politiet 'tror' at Erik er et jentenavn., Den siste sovjetstat?Der var Vikingene ute og seilte til England, eller noe, og da var det storm, om natten, så så de noe, som de trodde var månen. , Ingen respekt for folks rettigheter fra myndighetene., Midgardsormen, Norges Fotballforbund. Hypothesis 1: There will be a general ‘ability to tolerate ambiguity’ which links being able to see the spinning dancer go either direction, being able to see the face mask either direction, and being simultaneously aware of both meanings of the sentence about reading books.In other words, all three of these areas will correlate with each other. Results: I ran correlations between Spinning Dancer, Face Mask, Read This Book, and Puns.Please don’t try to take the survey; your answers will be ignored. ” “What direction do you see in the spinning dancer illusion?