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If you are always seeing people who are attractive and friends are out having fun, who wants to be out sitting alone like a gooseberry? If you are apart for a year or more, it will be difficult making your LDR work, unless you have an end goal, for example being reunited and seeing each other a lot at the end of that year.

Without that end goal, I don’t know how sustainable that relationship really is.

Not knowing when you are properly going to be reunited with your partner makes you feel uncertain, anxious, and worried about whether he or she is seeing somebody else.

So if you feel one partner is wanting to meet up and the other is less inclined and for petty reasons, that is a bad sign.

Do long distance relationships really make it harder to stay faithful? While you may think you really love that person, your friends in the meantime are going out and having fun and it’s bound to make you feel really lonely.

If you are starting to say “I want a photo right now of you in your bedroom” or “just send a video so I can see exactly what’s happening” that’s going to end a relationship instead of keeping it going.

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Many of us wouldn’t even bother as they wouldn’t even last a day. We can stay communicated all the time without needing to pay for a stamp. Nowadays places like Spain and France are on our doorstep.How long can you realistically be apart from someone before you should be reunited?

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But it’s a problem when one of the partners is controlling that rather than both.But remember people impose or superimpose fears by listening to friends who can have a negative influence and make you overthink things.Don’t forget there are people who do that because they are jealous of your relationship.Although if you are seeing someone every fortnight, its great to involve friends as well.But if a girl is going off to see her boyfriend every fortnight, and his friends are always around him, she might feel that she’s being a bit sidelined, and not special. Perhaps ask yourself, are you having a one to one relationship with someone or with your friends?I think six months is the limit, and even six months would be difficult for young virile people.