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Conditional formatting not updating automatically

It sounds like the subform isn't refreshing after an update in the main form.

AND means both conditions within the brackets must apply.

The $ sign before a letter means keep that column fixed when applying the rule to the range of cells.

If you're refreshing a separate form and losing your place, is there an id that you can use to find your place again after the refresh?

mi********@wrote: You need to use recalc to trigger a refresh of Conditional formatting.

What I want tohappen is for the formatting to pick up the value immediately andchange color.

conditional formatting not updating automatically-45

Similarly, the $ before a number means fix that row when applying the rule. Now click the Format button and choose a fill colour then OK.

Is there any way to refresh conditional formatting on the fly? How are you displaying the data (exposing the table? For example, did you try a subform (as defined by Access) and decide to do something else because you didn't want things to work that way?Is this the behavior that you're trying to achieve? Also, have you tried to requery the control directly? Requery mi********@wrote: $1000, thequery displays "Yes," otherwise it displays "No." The conditionalformatting is set up to read the 'Yes' or 'No' value and color the textaccordingly.It's not clear how you've implemented this; you should be able to requery the subform without affecting your main form (Me. For example, using an After Update event from the main form, do something like: Me. I have an event in the subform that allows users to update the sales.=AND($D2=F$1,$C2=”CT”) Click Format and choose pink as the fill colour.For consistency you can choose specific fill colour by selecting Fill, More Colours, Custom then entering 255,153,255 for Red, Green and Blue.Is there any way to refresh conditional formatting on the fly?